Become a partner of Click To Tree and contribute to a better world.

What's in it for you?

01.Extra visitors and leads


Thanks to Click To Tree, you benefit from additional visitors and leads, in addition to the results of your own SEO and SEA campaigns. Through Click To Tree, we create an extra branded search campaign that runs parallel to yours. You can read how it works on this page. Additionally, you will receive a valuable backlink through You're welcome!

02. Brand uplift


Ecology and sustainability are good for your brand, company, and the planet! With Click To Tree, you can highlight your green heart and the positive results it brings, both in internal and external communication. We will mention your participation in Click To Tree on our website and social media, and you will also receive an official partner certificate.

03. Pushing out competition


When someone searches for your brand name or company on Google, you can advertise (pay money) and appear in the first position. Your competitors' ads appear just below.

Click To Tree allows you to appear not in one, but in two positions in that advertising space. Through our own channel, we provide an additional advertising campaign that runs parallel to your existing campaign. It appears just below your original ad, displacing your competitors.

Ou b(l)ooming partners


Our cases are the greatest proof that marketing and sustainability go hand in hand. Get inspired by the great results we have achieved with our partners!

1,500 m² more forest and 11.68% more visibility

The collaboration with Click To Tree resulted in an additional 110,020 ad impressions for De'Longhi and the planting of approximately 1,540 m² of forest. How did it work? Read all about it in this case!

1,040 m² of additional forest and 5.54% more conversions

Curious about how we achieved this? Read all about the collaboration with Hörmann in this case!

1.400 m² of forest and an additional advertising channel

Curious about how Renewi also gained more visibility on Microsoft Bing? Read this case and discover how Click To Tree can help you leverage other channels as well.