1,040 m² of additional forest and 5.54% more conversions

1,040 m² of additional forest and 5.54% more conversions


Collaboration Click To Tree and Hörmann

Click To Tree is an innovative tool that bridges ecological responsibility and online advertising. Its goal? To encourage companies to actively participate in global efforts to protect the environment by planting trees as part of their marketing strategy.

A concrete example of the effectiveness of this tool can be seen in the results achieved by the company Hörmann. Thanks to Click To Tree, Hörmann, a leading supplier of doors, gates, and related products, has been able to plant over 100 trees in Congo. This initiative has not only had a positive impact on the environment but has also increased the visibility of their brand.


m2 of forest
planted trees
more clicks
more leads

Over 80,000 additional impressions and 2,000 extra website visits

Thanks to the additional ads provided by Click To Tree on Google and Microsoft, Hörmann has achieved significant results in online marketing. The ads have generated over 80,000 additional impressions in total, which in turn led to over 2,000 extra website visits. These additional visits have contributed to a 5.54% increase in the conversion rate.

The results achieved by Hörmann with Click To Tree highlight the potential of this tool. It enables companies to reduce their ecological footprint while simultaneously increasing their online presence. It's a win-win scenario that demonstrates how businesses can play a crucial role in addressing environmental issues while achieving their business objectives.

Joining Click To Tree has allowed my company to contribute to a greener future in a fun and meaningful way.


- Hörmann

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